Recording Artist David Patterson

David Patterson operates Echo Back Sound recording studio in Ephrata, PA. Echo Back Sound is involved in the recording, mixing and mastering of professionally produced CDs. Dave with his daughter All of the Guided Angels Ministry CDs are a product of this studio. 
DaveDavid developed a love and an interest in sound recording in his early teens. He interned at local popular studios where he gained his knowledge and experience in this field.

Not only is David a top notch sound engineer, but he is also a professional musician. Within the world of professional musicians he wears many hats:  recording artist, lead guitarist, and lead vocalist, with heavy emphasis on songwriting.

One of David’s hobbies is instrument restoration. He has saved many a unique and valuable instrument from the trash can. He loves bringing them back to life and at times has even worked on the worn out “throw aways” of famous musicians. David has a heart for our military.  His grandfather served in WW II and his uncle is a Viet Nam veteran.

You can contact David at:  717.283.5816 or click here to email David

Web Design and CD Graphics

The CD digipak, CD label, and this web site were designed by Sue Riger. She can be contacted through the Brush and Quill Productions web site. Or email her by clicking here.


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CD Replication and Packacking

The "Watching and Waiting" CD was replicated by The Dering Corporation, a full service media and packaging manufacturer in Lancaster, PA.

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Lancaster, PA  17601
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