John and his piano

About John Paul Riger, Pianist

An accomplished pianist and author, John has explored all musical genres. Though his compositions capture the evolution of many musical eras, his personal musical voice in world view is considered to be “Musique Americana Moderna”. At age 52, he’s been playing the piano as long as he can remember.

John has never studied music academically and his voice is indicative of a lifetime of his personal quest to find and share those inspirations given him through various means. In his own words, “Music is a life-long quest that never really ends. I’ve been able to learn from listening ever so closely to all other musicians who’ve been willing to communicate with me the inspirations given them. Then I listen closely to the silence for what is to be through me, to share with others. I think that’s how it works.” 

Among John’s many influences are Earnie Watts, Chuck Lamb, Dave Schappert, Chris Bank, Bruce Imig, Billy Joel, Chris Goplerude, Joe Lacasio, Elton John, Ellen Rucker, Frederic Chopin. John's principle musical influence was his father, Lieutenant Commander Robert J. Riger, United States Navy, graduate of the US Naval Academy, class of 1949.

John's book, First Impressions is available at or