Cass playing harp

About Cass Jendzurski

Admiration and respect for our military has always been important to me. My father, Robert J. Riger, was a Naval Academy graduate, class of 1949. As a toddler I watched and waited for his return from the Korean War as he served aboard the USS McGinty, a destroyer escort. Later in life I married Bob, who at age 19 served our country in Viet Nam and returned to his waiting family severely wounded, but blessed to be alive. Our grandchildren refer to Bob’s left leg as a “robotic leg”. “Bob! You ARE and will ALWAYS be our hero! Semper Fi!!!”

I met Carol while providing healing bedside music for her in a healthcare facility. I fulfilled her request to add music to her poem and thus began our shared dream – to use this song to honor and to support our military families, particularly the men and women who laid down their lives for God and for country. “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend.” John 15:13

Three years later our dream has materialized. May this CD comfort and uplift those who are watching and waiting. May it honor those who shed their blood or gave their lives not only to preserve the freedom of America but to also offer hope to the oppressed of the world. May it be gratitude and compassion for the families of our fallen heroes who have sacrificed and suffered beyond measure. And above all, may this CD glorify the God upon Whom this nation places our trust.

I am a professional therapeutic musician living in Lancaster, PA. I am contracted to provide healing bedside music by several hospices and retirement communities. I also serve as a volunteer musician through Songs for the Journey, a volunteer ministry of music to those who are dying in my community. I founded this ministry in 1999 and to this day I continue to voluntarily coordinate, administrate, and train others for work in this special ministry.
Cass recording harp in the studio
In 2003 I was awarded the “Women Who Care Award” presented by the Fulton Opera House to honor my significant contribution to the quality of life in my community through this ministry.  Along with forty other volunteers we are on call 24/7 to watch and wait with those who are dying. 

Due to requests for guidance from other communities across America desiring to form similar ministries, I created Guided Angels Ministry,

Using training manuals, CDs, and songbooks I equip the staff and volunteers of hospitals, hospices, and retirement communities to confidently provide or sing special music for the dying of their communities. My program and CDs are in use by health care facilities across our country. Guided Angels also produces CDs for the general public and “Watching and Waiting” is one such CD.