Carol's Grandson, Riggs

About Carol Egolf

This is a picture of my grandson, Riggs, at age eight. He was watching for the return of his father, Kris, who was serving at that time in Iraq with the U. S. Navy. I wrote the poem “Watching and Waiting” for Riggs.

I am originally from Johnstown, PA and I have resided now in Lancaster County, PA for several years. I have been a writer all my life. In 1988 a vehicular accident left me a paraplegic. I was led by God to write poetry while in rehabilitation. In 2001 I received the Editor’s Choice Award for outstanding achievement in poetry presented by and the International Library of Poetry. My poems are a reflection of my life’s journey with the Lord. If you wish to contact me to be able to read my other poems you may click here to email me.

I met Cass in 2007. I was residing in a skilled nursing facility and Cass was playing healing music at my bedside. I asked her to consider adding music to my poetry. The result was the song “Watching and Waiting” which touched and moved many of my friends and family. It became a shared dream between Cass and me that someday the song would be professionally recorded to raise funds for the children of our fallen military heroes. Cass and I began the work on our dream in the summer of 2009.

In October 2009 I called Cass from a hospital. My health was failing and I was dying. I told Cass to “take this out to the world for me.” I have since been at death’s door twice. I am watching and waiting for the Lord to take me home, but then, aren’t we all doing the same?!


On Oct 11, 2011 Carol met her Lord. Shortly before her death she was given another award for her outstanding poetry. This was an award from PAPA, Pennsylvania Activity Professional Association. Her appreciation and honor of our military and their families lives on in her poetry and in this CD.